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HP Series

HP (High Profile) Series

HP vanes are the toughest and lightest high profile vanes on the market today. When fetched with VaneTec's VT-1000 adhesive, these vanes will not come off your arrows. HP vanes will increase steering capabilities with zero flutter.

Color Options

1.5" HP Vane
0.46" high
3.20 grains
1.5" HP Vane»
2.0" HP Vane
0.55" high
5.00 grains
2.0" HP Vane»


The HD vane is the same shape and consistency as the 2" High Profile vane but is thicker with a slightly wider base delivering a dramatically tougher vane.

Specifically designed for archers who demand VaneTec accuracy with the ability to handle more abuse.

HD Color Options

2.0" HD Vane
0.55" high
6.50 grains»
2.0" HD Vane»