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ArrowSmith Kit

ArrowSmith - Arrow Builders Adhesion Kit

Many products claim to be the best, but many are simply generic super glues. With the high-tech composite material used in archery today, specialized adhesives are necessary. The ArrowSmith Kit is the solution for all archery adhesion issues.

Each component of the ArrowSmith Kit can also be purchased separately.

Store entire ArrowSmith Kit or individual components in refridgerator before opened. This will prolong shelf life for two years from date for manufacture.

Bring all components to room temperature before use.

Do not use solvents with any ArrowSmith component!

ArrowSmith Kit


Insert & Component Adhesive


Description: V-Tough Insert & Component Adhesive is a 0.7 oz bottle that’s the veteran roughneck in the field and redefines impact resistance. But, as tough as it is, VaneTec produces it to order, so it’s fresh every time. This is critical for a specialized adhesive to do its job properly and it’s what makes V-Tough so unique.

V-Tough Application

Instructions: Clean inserts and inside of arrow shafts with the warm 50% Simple Green® solution, rinse and air dry. Arrows, inserts and adhesive should be room temperature.

Apply around entire insert and push in quickly. Wipe off excess and let cure for 24 hours.


Hand Fletching Adhesive


Description: VT-2000 Hand Fletching Adhesive (0.7 oz bottle) is the next generation of VaneTec’s acclaimed VT-1000 adhesive. It’s superior to any other product tested and brings an impressive list of benefits including:

  • Rapid fixture time that allows etching into vane surface
  • Product freshness* that guarantees quick drying time to prevent vane curling
  • Rapid drying in cool temperature
  • Rapid drying in low humidity
  • Works on difficult surfaces, including glossy shafts
  • Perfect viscosity for applying a small bead; product goes twice as far
  • Sensible bottle design with fine cone tip and soft squeeze application

*VT-2000 is always sold fresh.

Instructions: Prep arrows by washing in a (50%) solution of Simple Green® and warm water. Soak shafts for 5-10 minutes, rinse with warm water and air dry, completely. Apply thin bead of VT-2000 and compress firmly using a well aligned jig for 5-8 seconds. Gently remove clamp and let cure overnight for best results. If ends of vane lift after removing clamp apply more pressure.

Tips: Warm all arrow fletching components to room temperature before fletching (68°F or warmer). Glossy shafts need scuffed or sanded before soaking in a Simple Green® solution. Do not use solvents!


Cyanoacrylate Primer


Description: UnderCoat Primer (2 oz pump spray) makes everything in the ArrowSmith kit work better. It cleans and preps any surface that will be bonded with cyanoacrylates adhesives and allows for faster, stronger bonds on vanes and inserts. Comes in a handy, refillable spray bottle.

UnderCoat Preparation

Instructions: Stack vanes (logo down) with bases toward you with only bases showing to eliminate waste. Spray all bases thoroughly and let dry for 3-5 minutes. Fletch as usual with VT-2000.


Antivibe Threadlocker


Description: Field tips or broadheads loosen constantly and, in addition to causing noise, affects accuracy on their way to the target. HeadLock Anti Vibe Threadlocker freezes components in place and quiets any bolt-on component by reducing the metal-on-metal contact. Bows reassembled with HeadLock are estimated to be 20% quieter.

Instructions: Apply to threads and assemble. For loose fitting threads apply one coat, let dry and apply another.