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VaneTec Announces The 2016 Arrow Building Video Contest

Chris Metzgus
VaneTec, Inc.

Myrtle Point, OR

VaneTec is excited to announce the opportunity for archers to show their creativity by entering the 2016 Arrow Building Video Contest. The object is to recognize the best, most inspirational and original video that showcases the use of VaneTec products (vanes, adhesives and tuning tool) in a video that creatively depicts the complete arrow building process using carbon or aluminum arrow shafts.

First place will receive a $300 gift certificate from their local archery pro shop, have their video featured on VaneTec’s and social media websites and be mentioned in news releases sent to media through the archery industry. There will also be one runner up winner who will receive a $100 gift certificate from their local archery pro shop.

VaneTec owner Chris Metzgus stated, “We are excited to provide an opportunity for arrow builders to showcase their individual creativity as well as getting them connected to local pro shops. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing the different styles and approach submitted by the archery community.”

Video submissions for the contest may be submitted beginning April 1st through May 31, 2016. For more information on how to enter visit

About VaneTec, Inc.

VaneTec manufacturers precision arrow vanes and adhesives. Each individual vane maintains consistent tight tolerances in weight, shape, dimensions, texture and color. Their rigid construction gives them maximum durability, solid stability and excellent memory. Vanes are compatible for hand and machine fletching and come in three profile categories and 13 colors. VaneTec is located in the heart of hunting country—Myrtle Point, Oregon—and the owners have combined close to 50 years of specific, hands-on experience in the vane design and fletching business.